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Ad Litem in Lubbock, Texas

Based in Lubbock, Texas, Trilogy Guardian Services in Lubbock, Texas, is committed to helping people maintain their independence, providing expert guardian ad litem services.

Founded due to a need in the community, Trilogy Guardian Services serves as a voice for people without one. Beginning as volunteers for the Guardianship Court Visitor program, we began providing assessments on guardian and ward relationships, and grew from there.

Whether facilitating relationships with long-term-care facilities, court systems, or medical centers, we act as the voice and the support for people unable to manage life in a healthy manner.

People We Assist:

• Aging Neighbors with No Relatives to Care for Them as They Became Disoriented Due to Dementia
• Jailed & Incarcerated People with a Mental Illness That Nobody Was Able to Facilitate
• Long-Term Care Patients in Nursing Homes or Other Facilities Unable to Express Their Needs


Our Role, Goals, & Mission

Our role as guardians is to determine the appropriate living situation for each ward. Additionally, we facilitate daily activities in accordance with the ward's ability to participate, as well as ensure their quality of life remains high, and ensure proper medical care.

Working with doctors, ad litem attorneys, and the necessary court system, we make certain there is consistency in the standard of care, treatment, and assessments. Our goal is to create continuity, safety, and healthy living for the ward, taking into consideration their requests and concerns, as well as their religious beliefs.

Our mission is to offer care, comfort, and compassion to the ward. We become their advocate, championing that which is necessary for them to have a solid foundation in life.

Helping the Elderly, Ad Litem in Lubbock, TX
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